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After going through all the hot discussions about keto on the internet, you finally decided to take it up. Perhaps, you have been on the diet for a few days now but see no visible changes in your weight. So, how long does it take to see results from the keto diet?

If you follow the diet correctly, you will see visible weight loss within one week. Research shows, most of that will be water weight, glycogen, and some fat. You can expect a loss of 2 to 10 pounds after 7 days and 4 to 10 pounds after a month. That is, on average, you will be losing 1-2 pounds per week after the first month.

When on keto, your body sheds weight at an increasing rate for the initial period and slows down after a month. So, why does it happen? You will learn as you read along.

How long until you notice results on keto?

To answer that question in detail you first have to know, how keto works. And then I can give you realistic timeframes for each result.

When you start the keto diet, you limit your carb intake to 30-50g per day while basing your diet around fat and protein. Your ideal nutrient consumption ratio must be around 60-30-10 of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, respectively.

On a regular diet, your body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and use it for energy. However, on keto, this job is taken up the fats. When your body uses up the stored carbs and does not get enough amount of added carbs from your diet, it breaks down fat.

Your body converts the fat into ketones and uses that as a source of energy. This is when you enter the state of ketosis, probably within a week of following the keto diet religiously. This is also the time you start losing weight.

Weight loss after 1 week of keto

After strictly following the ketogenic diet for 7 days, you may lose around 2-10 pounds of weight, depending upon your metabolism. But how does it happen?

The carbs stored in your body in the form of glycogen hold considerable amounts of water. It is so much that almost every gram of glycogen contains 3 grams of water.

Therefore, when your body uses up the carbs, it also excretes the stored water in the form of urine and sweat.

As a result, you will notice rapid weight loss during the initial period of following the keto. Also, you can expect to feel thirstier and urinate more than usual during these few days (weeks).

Remember that this weight loss greatly depends on your actual weight and the amount of water your body is carrying.

Weight loss after 1 month of keto

Post the first week, your body has wholly entered ketosis and is now ready to burn the stored fat. Therefore, do not get disheartened, as this is just the beginning of your exciting weight loss journey.

At this point, you can expect to lose weight at a slower pace than before, but it will be consistent. And remember, that is a good sign!

You can now expect to lose approximately 4-10 pounds over four weeks. However, that will be possible only if you do not falter away from the keto diet. Your body will be converting the stored fat into ketones for energy, and you will notice the results in the form of weight loss.

As this is a slow process, you can keep track of your body fat percentage with a measuring scale. This way, you will not get disheartened when the results will actually be visible.

Weight loss after 3 months on keto

Your weight loss chart might seem rather uneven over the longer run. That is because a few individuals may already be nearing their weight loss goals, while others might still have a long way to go. Nevertheless, you need not feel disappointed as you will surely experience weight loss, even if less.

In a general case, you can expect to lose 12-20 pounds by the end of three months on keto. However, if your weight is more than normal for your height and age, you can also lose up to 30 pounds. So, don’t lose hope and keep holding on. You will surely get there!

Before and After Stories

Some people have lost tens of pounds through the keto diet. And with that weight loss also comes the confidence of transforming yourself! Here are some real-life stories of the wonders of the keto diet.

Julie Smith


The author of the famous cookbook—Keto Your Way, is an ardent keto-lover. She lost a whopping 60+ pounds following a healthy keto diet, and now influences others in the same direction. Moreover, she regularly publishes delectable keto-friendly recipes on her social media.

Suzanne Ryan


Having lost over 120 pounds with keto, Suzanne shares her love for the diet through keto books. She has authored Simply Keto and Beyond Simply Keto to help others like her follow the diet without compromising on yummy food.



By incorporating keto into her lifestyle, Elena experienced a striking transition from a plus-size individual to one with a healthy physique. Moreover, following the diet for over 4 years has enhanced her entire family’s health. Her brother can control his diabetes better than ever while her husband and daughters are spending a perfectly healthful lifestyle with the ketogenic diet.

Is your keto weight loss on the right track?

So far, you are aware of the ideal weight loss bracket after varying periods of following the keto diet. But how do you know you are on track? How much weight should you exactly lose in a week?

If you wish to preserve your muscle mass and maintain a healthy body metabolism, losing a lot of weight at once is not recommended. You must lose about 1% of your body weight over a week.

That means almost 2 pounds for an average individual.

In case your weight is more than normal, or you are a patient of obesity, losing a larger portion of the weight is acceptable. In such instances, you can lose about 1.5-2% of your body weight over a week.

That is because overweight individuals have more store fat, such that if they lose extra pounds, it will not affect their health. They can gain energy from this fat without actually compromising on muscle mass.

Therefore, if you are overweight, for example, about 200 pounds, you can expect to lose 4-5 pounds without any potential health concerns.

How does keto aid weight loss?

Did you know that keto aids weight loss in more ways than one? Now that you are well-versed with how much weight loss you must expect after a certain period on keto. But in what ways does this diet help you lose weight? Other than using up the stored fat for energy, here is how keto aids weight loss.

Curbing the carbs

When you cut down on your carb intake, you are automatically dodging away the calories that only add to weight gain. From all those cookies and cakes to cereals and other starchy foods, you are keeping most of the high-calorie foods at bay.

That being said, you can still consume keto-friendly cakes, cookies, and other sugary items.

Reducing appetite

Did you know the keto diet helps suppress your appetite? According to research, this regimen reduces your ghrelin levels—the hormone that signals your brain when you are hungry. This way, you feel less hungry and automatically consume fewer calories, further promoting weight loss.

Increased protein

As you are already aware, your diet must comprise almost 30-35% of protein. While it is highly beneficial for your overall health, protein also makes you feel fuller for prolonged hours. Moreover, your body requires almost 10-30% of calories to break down and digest protein. Therefore, consuming protein also helps reduce your calorie count.


Even though your body uses fat to get energy, it still requires glucose for body parts like the brain and liver to function. However, now that your body does not get enough carb, it converts the stored fat and protein into glucose. This is the gluconeogenesis process that requires energy, further burning calories every day.

How long does it take to enter ketosis?

Entering ketosis is not an easy process for your body. It is like an entirely new system that you need to adapt. Once you start following all the ketogenic diet rules, you will enter ketosis anywhere between two to six weeks.

Are you wondering how will you realize once your body has entered the process of ketosis? Check out these indicators, and you will know!

  • Bad breath with a touch of metal-like scent.
  • Increase in the number of ketones and reduced blood sugar level
  • Loss of appetite
  • Revived energy and focus
  • Fatigue over the initial period

How to speed up the process?

Cannot wait for your body to enter ketosis the natural way? Here are a few of the many ways you can fasten the process of ketosis.

Low carb food

Ketosis is all about using ketones (converted from stored fats) instead of glucose (converted from stored carbs) for energy. If you significantly decrease your carb intake, all your stored carb will be quickly used up, and you can enter ketosis faster.

Intermittent fasting

When you start fasting, you limit your food intake, on the whole, so the carbs are automatically reduced. Therefore, you can fast for 6 to 8-hour windows for a few days to speed up ketosis.

Regular workout

When you are on keto, your body first uses up the stored carbs, and only then it aims for the fat. Therefore, if you work out or conduct other physical activities regularly, you will require more energy. As a result, more of your carbs will be used up quickly, and your body will transfer to ketosis sooner.

MCT Oil and Ketones

Ketogenesis converts all MCTs into ketones and accelerates your journey to ketosis. Found in coconut oil and several dairy products, MCTs are not available in pure amounts in any usual products. To consume these MCTs in the right quantity, you can add some supplements to your routine and witness quicker results.

How to maintain a healthy weight loss routine?

Your job does not get over when your body enters ketosis. It continues for as long as you want to keep reaping the keto diet’s benefits, i.e., losing weight. Thus, you need to ensure that your body stays in ketosis throughout.

Walk through a few do’s and don’ts to ensure effective weight loss on keto.

Do’s of weight loss on keto

  • Keep a count of your ketone level through a calculator to ensure you are in ketosis.
  • Eat enough food so that your body gets the required fat to convert into energy.
  • Always keep a keto-friendly snack ready, especially when you are on the move.

Don’ts of weight loss on keto

  • Do not increase your carb content by over 50g per day. Your body will exit the state of ketosis.
  • Eating too much protein will make your body convert energy from this macronutrient instead of from fat.


If you have started following the keto diet, rest assured you will get the results of your efforts. It may take longer than usual for some individuals, but that is only due to their current body metabolism. Stay persistent, and you will start seeing the results as early as one week.

So what if they are not massive at first! It is still a sign that you are going on the right track. Your best bet is to regularly check your diet, eating habits, and workout routines to ensure you do it right.

Other such signs that will ensure you are in ketosis include bad breath, suppressed appetite, high energy, and focus over the long run.

So, what’s the hold? Start the ketogenic diet (if you haven’t already) and see a significant weight loss within 1-3 months!


After how long will you lose weight on keto?

You can start losing weight on keto as early as 1 week. However, this may not be the same for every individual due to a difference in the metabolism rate. Nevertheless, you must follow the diet religiously and cut down your carbs to let the weight loss process begin.

Will you see any results in the first week of keto?

As you start the keto diet, your body slowly transitions to ketosis. Though this may happen completely only by the second week, you can still lose weight in the first week. That is because you have already reduced your carb intake, and as your body glycogen is released, the water it holds also releases. Resultantly, you lose weight owing to the water loss in the body.

Why am I not losing weight on keto?

Following the ketogenic diet is not very easy (until you have a strong will). As a result, even a tiny mistake or act of carelessness can put you out of ketosis. Thoroughly abide by keto guidelines like following the correct macro distribution, keeping a count of your ketone level, and watching your calories.

Make sure you are following the keto diet strictly, and you will automatically start to lose weight within a short while.

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