Who is authentic Keto?

The Authentic Keto Team is here to bring you health tips that help you with losing weight fast. We focus on a clean keto diet for beginners because we believe that is the easiest and most simple way to healthy eating. Our keto weight loss tips will not only bring you into ketosis fast but will also help you to improve your mental health, sleep problems, and wellness.

- Our goal is to make keto success easy. -


We believe in transparency with our users, it is the most valuable foundation of our organization. This is why we mention all ingredients in every product we manufacture. Our products are all US made and certified.

Our people are always willing to help you and answer your queries. So feel free to reach out.


You are the biggest part of our company and we try our level best to earn your trust. Coming from a community that needed an organization like Authentic Keto to now being an organization, our respect for the community has increased every step of the way.

Your feedback matters to us and we want to cater to products that align with your ideas.


We are zealous about what we do because we know it affects people’s health. This is why we never take anything for granted and pay great attention to detail right from scratch.

Our products are well researched and made under the guidance of certified nutritionists, doctors, and food scientists.

What is Our Mission?

Health comes first and that’s a thumb rule to living life and food is fuel to the body. Our mission is to present products that you can not only trust but also comfortably incorporate into your daily schedule.

For instance, our supplements such as keto collagen comes in a natural chocolate flavor that you can add to your smoothies and desserts!

We see ourselves as not only caretakers but also as members of the community. As a result, we do everything in our and your best interest to support your health and welfare.

We aim towards the holistic development of your body. This means taking care of everything from your skin and hair to your liver and digestive system. Keto diets, which are mainly low carb diets, improve heart health, skin and are also known to treat and prevent cancer.

Keto diets are known to have neuroprotective components which strengthen your brain health too. The myriad benefits a keto diet offers are a reason good enough to switch to it.

To ensure that your health requirements are met, we craft reliable products that are 100% USA certified. Our pricing is affordable so that any common man can afford them to achieve a fit lifestyle.

Why does It work?

Keto diets have become popular not only because of how easy they make weight loss but also because of the additional health benefits that come along with it.

Skin, heart, brain, and your digestive system, the four main components that function your body, are profited from a keto diet.

First, let us take a look at what keto diets are and then we will jump into how they work and strengthen the body.

Our Claims are Backed by Studies and Experts

Every time we give advice about the keto diet on our website we give our best to provide you with several independent studies.

This will help you get the best results possible. It is very important to us that the information you get is of the highes quality possible.

We believe that the only way to be successful is to make you successful too. 

What Do We Believe In?

A healthy brain and body are equally paramount and when you shift your focus from one, the other gets affected. Your mind and body, work hand in hand which is why paying close attention to both is essential.

This is why we believe in providing you with products that complement your health and have long-term benefits.

Our passion drives us to do better every day because what is best for you, is best for us. Our values are ingrained in not only our products but also our people. We are a “people first” organization and you can put your faith in us to take care of your health.

Our Content is reviewed by Certified Dietician

Jana is a certified dietician and fitness consultant who is verifying content created by our editorial team. This way you will always have the best of both worlds - studies and real life experience gained out of working with numerous clients.

Jana Görtz

Certified Dietician & Fitness Consultant



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Very tasty i was surprised. Its my first time trying collagen and I've heard how important it is in any diet but with me doing Keto its essential. Makes my morning coffee delicious and the health benefits you can't beat that.

Jenna B.


OMG! My husband and I LOVE this flavor. I re-ordered two more containers and subcribed to save 15% as I do not think the first one is going to last very long LOL.

Sarah L.

HAPPY Authentic Keto User

When and Why Should I Take Keto Supplements?

And who is it for?

Click the toggles below to find out if the keto diet and our supplements are for you.

If you’re above the age of 40

As you grow older, your body’s capability to break down and digest and absorb nutrients depletes. Taking supplements that provide these nutrients directly helps restore the nutritional balance in the body.

If you’re wondering whether younger people should start supplements, then the answer is yes.

If you’re Young and Health Conscious

When you’re younger you exercise more, which means your body demands more nutrients to let you maintain that physique and stamina to exercise.

Another great advantage of consuming vitamins is that it helps fight against free radicals in the body which might come from chemicals we unknowingly consume via residue pesticides.

If You’re Having Sleep Problems

Sleep is another valuable aspect of your health and is often the most underestimated. Your sleep controls your mood, hormones, and digestion. It is paramount that you don’t miss out on a good night’s sleep.

An unhealthy sleep cycle can lead to a lot more severe issues. Keeping this in mind we have capsules that promote deep and restful sleep.

These were just a few of the many reasons your body needs external nutrient supplements. They regulate the flow of juices in your body that keep you up and going!

If you're looking for a healthy way to lose weight without cravings

Obviously the keto diet is perfect for you if you want to lose weight fast. You can read a lot about losing weight with the ketogenic diet on our blog or watch our videos on YouTube.

If you want to feel your best every day

We believe that the high quality nutrients and a proper diet can help you unlock your true potential and feel your best every single day. We create products that fuel not only your body and mind with energy but also lead you on a path to absolute greatness.

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