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minute read | Last update: Nov 30th2022

This article is backed by studies and reviewed by a certified dietician.

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So, you finally decided to go with all-natural keto supplements for the collagen boost. You must already know how important collagen is for your overall body and well-being.

But you're on ketosis, and you can't just gulp down every other supplement. The best collagen product will help you stay disciplined with your keto diet while ensuring the caloric deficit doesn't hamper bone mass development.

You also discovered the Perfect Keto Collagen and you're asking yourself if it is the right pick for you or if there is a great alternative that has amazing taste, mixes well in any liquid and gives you a better bang for your buck.

Now, jump on the comparison wagon to make the best purchase that boosts your skin's elasticity and rids of the complaint potential.

Quick Comparison

Perfect Keto Collagen

Authentic Keto Collagen

  • Both the supplements provide a ketogenic nutritional intake boost. However, Authentic Keto Collagen is more keto-friendly with fewer calories. For instance, 17g of Perfect Keto carries 80 calories while 18g of Authentic Collagen will give you 80 calories. So, every 1 gm of Perfect Keto carries 4.7 calories while Authentic Keto offers 4.4. calories only. That’s 6% less calories you get!
  • Both the brands have multiple flavor options to choose from. But, Perfect Keto spoils you for choice with 7 varieties to pick from. At the same time, Authentic Collagen will ensure you get the best natural-only taste options without any artificial ingredients involved.
  • Perfect Keto and Authentic Keto carry high-quality keto-friendly ingredients in their formulations. At the same time, Authentic Collagen receives a slight edge due to the inclusion of electrolytes to prevent fatigue and keto flu.
  • Both the brands offer a competitive price range for collagen. But, you get the 110g more only at the cost difference of $3 with Authentic Keto Supplement.

What is Perfect Keto Collagen?

Perfect Keto Collagen is a nutrient-dense protein supplement curated specially for ketosis people. The supplement producer, Perfect Keto store, proclaims that the collage booster contains 100% grass-fed ingredients and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT).

Don't get troubled with heavy scientific names. Essentially, MCT oil is responsible for providing ketones to your liver for the energy supply. One of the best aspects of the oil is its quick absorption by the body.

What is Authentic Keto Collagen?

Authentic Keto Collagen is the non-GMO, non-dairy, and all-natural supplement of the Authentic Keto company. The protein powder boasts high-quality with ingredient cleanliness and no-additives formula. Additionally, the minimally processed supplement contains only grass-fed collagen with MCT oil.

Now you can see where the confusion between the two choices can occur!

Perfect Keto Collagen vs. Authentic Keto Collagen

To make it easier for you, here you will get all the essential attributes that your collagen protein has to abide by!

What are we waiting for?

Let's start with the comparison and make the best choice!


If you make your purchases with the help of your taste buds, you will find more options than you can choose from!

Perfect Keto Collagen comes with a wide variety of flavors. To be precise, you can cover your entire week with the number of choices Perfect Keto provides, I.e., seven.

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Strawberry
  • Cinnamon Toast
  • Peanut Butter
  • Unflavored

You can always appease the flavorful person in you behind the keto enthusiast with such a massive range!

On the other hand, Authentic Keto Collagen prides itself on natural flavors only. With only two options of chocolate and vanilla, you can rely on the brand to keep you and your health in the best shape. Moreover, the artificial food flavors impact your body negatively, which you shouldn’t prefer with the Keto diet!


Since both the protein supplements carry natural ingredients, this one will be tricky for you to decide upon.

Since both the protein supplements carry natural ingredients, this one will be tricky for you to decide upon.

Perfect Keto Collagen

  • Grass-Fed Collagen: The supplement carries 100% grass-fed collagen. Additionally, you can rest assured that no dairy is involved with the powder. It's the cowhide and not cow milk with which Perfect Keto performs the protein extraction. Even if you're lactose intolerant, Perfect Keto Collagen can become a comfortable part of your daily supplement.
  • MCT: Perfect Keto leaves no stone unturned to ensure nutritional fulfillment in your consumption. That's why you can find a unique type of fatty acid, I.e., MCT oil extracted from coconut. The rich oil is a faster source of energy and healthier than other compounds.
  • Acacia Fiber: Since you're always on a low-carb intake with a keto diet, your gut health is also affected. The collagen booster includes a unique prebiotic, Acacia fiber, to keep your gut biome healthy. The macronutrient promotes your health without letting any carbs come in the way.

Note: Due to the change in FDA measures, there seems to be a shift in overall carb count with Perfect Keto. However, the company assures no change in their formulations to impact your daily regimented intake.

  • Stevia: To ensure the taste and the prescribed daily carb intake, Keto Collagen carries Stevia as the sweetener. The naturally-sourced ingredient helps in keeping the entire formulation into the zero-calorie category.

Authentic Keto Collagen

  • Bovine Collagen: Your highest quality collagen supplement is credited to cage-free and pasture-raised cattle. Authentic Keto methodically sources the peptides to boost your nutritional intake. Moreover, the unique formulation with small chain protein enables your taste to reminisce of the flavor for longer durations.
  • MCT Oil Powder: The MCT ingredient is the superfood in Keto Collagen. Since the fat absorption in your body needs to be quick, the coconut-derived source is the best choice. You can rely on MCT powder in Authentic Keto from appetite management to cognitive augmentation.
  • Electrolytes: Authentic Keto goes a step ahead in your supplement digestion and consequences. The electrolytes are a revolutionary addition to the list of beneficial constituents in collagen.

Since the hyperactive body with collagen boost can lose out on the electrolyte balance, the Collagen Supplement comes as a savior. Call it Keto Flu or fatigue, the supplement ensures the balance to avoid any fallouts.

  • Natural Taste: One of the most promising features of Authentic Keto Collagen is its absolute reliance on natural ingredients. The mere availability of chocolate and vanilla is because of the strict adherence to the naturally sourced constituents.
  • Stevia: Authentic Keto relies on Stevia for sweetening demands to get the supplement taste like candy and nutritionally support like a fruit.

Macronutrients and Calories

Now is the time to glance over the actual carbohydrates constitution in the protein supplements per serving!

Perfect Keto Collagen

For every serving (15-19.7g) of Perfect Keto, you get:

  • Protein: 9-10 g
  • Sugar: 0
  • Sodium: 70-350mg
  • Carbohydrates: 1-2g
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Calories: 70-90g
  • Fat: 3.5-4g

Authentic Keto Collagen

Every scoop of Authentic Keto Collagen carries:

  • Protein/Collagen: 10 g
  • MCT: 5g
  • Sugar: 0
  • Sodium: 90mg
  • Carbohydrates: >1g
  • Fiber: >1g
  • Calories: 80
  • Fat: 4g


From the point of view of costs, Authentic Keto Collagen takes the prize.

At $39.95, you get 450g of your nutritional keto supplement. On the other hand, Perfect Keto Collagen will cost you $36.99 for 340g of the healthy boost.

Every 100 g of Authentic Collagen will cost you $8.87, while Perfect Keto will weigh heavily on your pocket at the price of $10.88 for the same quantity. Precisely, you will get your Authentic Supplement at 18.47% less of the expense than Perfect Keto!

Besides, Perfect Keto offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the supplement doesn't aid in fulfilling your ketogenic goals. However, Authentic Collagen provides a whopping 60-day money-back guarantee.

That means you get more time to analyze and see your body and skin results.


Any person can tell that you will get more bang for your buck with Authentic Collagen.

Per container, you receive 20 servings with 340g of Perfect Keto. Contrastingly, Authentic Collagen serves you 25 times with its 450g volume in the container. Essentially, every box of Authentic Collagen will get you 5 more servings than Perfect Keto.

Comparison Chart

Both Perfect Keto Collagen and Authentic Keto Collagen carry almost the same profile for a ketogenic supplement. However, there are a few elements that you must not overlook before making a choice.

To make it all the easier for you, here's how you should compare the attributes!


Perfect Keto Collagen

Authentic Keto Collagen


7 Varieties

2 Natural-Only Varieties


All-Natural Ingredients

All-Natural Ingredients with Electrolytes

Macronutrients and Calories

Macros with a low-carb profile

Macros with an overall more ketogenic profile.





20 servings in 340g

25 servings in 450g

Why Should You Switch to Authentic Keto Collagen?

Now, you can see that even though Perfect Keto matches all the requirements for a keto supplement, Authentic Collagen has an edge.

The simple reason for making the switch should always be your end goal. With Authentic Keto Collagen, your overall low-carb intake remains optimized and balanced.

To top it off, Authentic Keto Collagen offers you:


Authentic Keto Collagen ensures that the collagen supplement doesn't create a hole in your pocket. With high-quality ingredients, the supplement promises to last longer not only on your taste buds but also in your dietary duration.

Money-Back Guarantee

Doesn't it feel good when the supplement supports your goals?

Authentic Keto Collagen does the same with 2 months guarantee!

The long duration helps the customer receive the satisfaction they wish for with the supplement and their keto diet.


It might appear like the most apparent aspect of any ketogenic nutritional boost. However, Authentic Keto Collagen takes it a notch ahead.

Since every gram of calorie counts in the keto diet, the company provides minimal but essential macros for daily intake.


The best ketogenic supplement is the one that aligns with your fitness goals and has a few additional requirements. Your priority must be to maintain a low-carb, nutritionally balanced diet with ketogenesis. With that being said, satisfying your cravings is also necessary to avoid straying away from the keto diet.

So, if you want faster keto results with all-natural ingredients for natural, Authentic Keto Collagen should be your choice.

But, if you don't mind a few more calories in exchange for diverse flavors, Perfect Keto can be a good option.

Now that you know all about the best brands to choose your keto-friendly supplements from, it's time to invest wisely!

Ethics Disclaimer: We're the owner of all Authentic Keto Products and want to sell those. However we get commissions on every sale of our competitors products too. That's how we can ensure an unbiased review of all products in this article. If a product from the competition wins in some areas, we will give the credit.

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