Is Gatorade Zero Keto-Friendly? 

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Gatorade has always been associated with sportspeople and athletes ever since its inception. 

The beverage has proven its competence time and again by nourishing professionals through the years. However, Gatorade Zero is a comparatively newer product that promises the same nourishment just without the sugar!

If you are on a keto diet, you only have a limited amount of food items you can eat. When it comes to Gatorade Zero, there are many apprehensions about it in the community. However, it is still a Keto-friendly beverage for people looking to cut down on their sugar and calorie intake.

Gatorade Zero has no sugar content in it. The sweet taste of the drink could be credited to sucralose and acesulfame potassium which are artificial sweeteners approved by the FDA for safe consumption.

Additionally, the beverage is not entirely free of calories. The 20 oz bottle of Gatorade Zero has about five calories and 1 g of carbs. These are derived from the natural flavoring of the drink, and the carbs are not sugar-based. Read ahead to learn more about consuming Gatorade on a keto diet.

What is Gatorade Zero?

While Gatorade is considered an athlete’s drink, people who are not involved in sports are also enjoying it in their daily lives. Gatorade Zero is a healthy drink that can replenish your electrolytes very efficiently because of its components.

So, what exactly is in Gatorade Zero that sets it apart from your regular beverages? Well, this keto-friendly drink comprises the following ingredients.

The drink is very rich in electrolytes and has ample amounts of sodium and potassium. After a tiring workout session or an exciting match, drinking Gatorade Zero could assist in relaxing your muscles and hydrating your body.

The following is the list of ingredients in the 'Gatorade Zero Orange Thirst Quencher':

Water, Sodium, Citric Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Citrate, Salt, Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Glycerol Ester of Rosin, Gum Arabic, Natural Flavor, Yellow 6, Sucralose.

Every flavor of Gatorade Zero has different added natural flavoring and coloring agents. However, the rest of the components are the same. This way, no matter which flavor of Gatorade you pick, you will always have the same calorie levels and zero sugar content.

Nutrients in Gatorade Zero



Net Carbs












Values are for a serving size: 12 fl oz

When it comes to the carb levels of the beverage, you will notice that even the standard bottle of Gatorade has low carbohydrate contents.

A 20 oz bottle of Gatorade Zero has less than 1 g of net carbs. However, even though the drink is labeled Gatorade Zero, it will still contain carbohydrates and a few calories.

A bottle of Gatorade has about five calories. So, when compared to other sports drinks, this may seem like nothing! This is what makes Gatorade Zero an excellent choice for people who are on keto diets.

Gatorade Zero has all the essential electrolytes a person would need to hydrate themselves adequately. However, the drink does not have any fiber contents, protein, or fats. So, while you can use it as a hydrating beverage, you must get all your macros from other foods.

Another great aspect of this sports drink is that it comes in many different flavors. If you are not a fan of the classic orange-flavored drink, you could switch things up and try any of the following drinks instead. What's more? All of them are low carb, minimum calorie, and zero sugar!

  • Orange – Orange tinge
  • Glacier Freeze – Blue
  • Glacier Cherry – Clear
  • Berry – Pink

Is Gatorade Zero Recommended for Keto Diet?

Gatorade Zero is a popular sport drink people generally enjoy after long and rigorous workouts. While these drinks are healthier than most juices, concerns start to rise when it comes to keto diets.

People who follow strict diets like keto can drink Gatorade Zero without being apprehensive. This is because the beverage contains no added sugar and is very low in calories. So, you will practically be replenishing your body with electrolytes and only the good stuff!

Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium Sweeteners

The sweet taste of Gatorade Zero is derived from artificial sweeteners. The two sweeteners widely used in this drink are sucralose and acesulfame potassium. While most artificial sweeteners are harmful to the human body, many studies have been conducted on these two components, and they are deemed fit for consumption by the FDA.

Ace-K or acesulfame potassium is one of the most common types of calorie-free sweeteners used in the beverage industry. It is used alongside sucralose or Splenda because of its peculiar taste and its ability to blend well.

While it is suitable for people on keto diets, Gatorade Zero does contain sugar and carbs. So, if you are on a strict keto diet, this beverage is not suitable for you. While both the calorie content and the carb levels in this drink are next to negligible, they will negatively affect a strict keto diet.

Benefits of Consuming Gatorade on Keto

Ketogenic diets have a very strict macronutrient intake profile. However, people who are on keto diets can still drink Gatorade Zero because of its nutritional profile. Additionally, there are many benefits of drinking this hydrating sports drink too. Here’s what they are!

Good Source Of Electrolyte

Most people on keto diets usually couple it with rigorous workouts to get into shape. Gatorade Zero is an excellent beverage to drink after working out. It contains a healthy amount of electrolytes that help improve nerve function and stimulate muscle recovery in the body.

Even if you do not work out regularly, drinking Gatorade Zero on your keto diet will not do you any harm. This sports drink contains sodium and potassium, which are considered to be extremely critical electrolytes required by the body.

Since Gatorade Zero does not contain any sugar, these electrolytes just provide you with an energy boost without giving you a sugar rush!

Hydrates the body

This sports drink is great for hydrating the body. When you work out or sweat after performing rigorous activities, your body loses a lot of electrolytes. Your sweat contains sodium, potassium, and chlorides which are essential for bodily functions.

You can hydrate your body again with Gatorade Zero and replenish all that is lost. While some might say that drinking water is the best solution for dehydration, sports drinks like Gatorade Zero perform this job more efficiently.

Your body gets all the nutrients that it needs in the right amounts. This will help you hydrate faster and more effectively. While you should drink water throughout the day, Gatorade Zero is the perfect choice for you after you just sweat it out at a workout!

Controls blood pressure

If you struggle with low blood pressure, then drinking Gatorade Zero can help you stabilize it quickly. Gatorade Zero contains all the vital nutrients needed to manage blood pressure in people.

Most sportspeople experience low blood pressure after an intense match or game. This happens because exercise reduces the stiffness in our blood vessels. Your blood flows more freely around your body after you exercise, and this can cause low blood pressure.

Drinking Gatorade Zero will help you manage that and bring your blood pressure up to a normal level. The sodium content in the beverage is responsible for increasing the blood pressure in your body.

Downsides of Gatorade on Keto Diet

While Gatorade Zero is highly beneficial for people who live active lives, there are some downsides to the beverage. Drinking this every day might negatively affect your body if you are on a strict keto diet.

Here are a few downsides to drinking Gatorade Zero for people on ketogenic diets.

Gatorade Zero Contains Carbs And Calories.

While the branding on Gatorade Zero may suggest that it contains absolutely no sugars or calories, the beverage is not entirely a zero-calorie one. The sweet flavor of this drink is from artificial sweeteners that are not usually considered to be healthy.

These sweeteners contain calories and carbs too. So, even though the carb contents of this beverage are not as high as other sports drinks, it is not suitable for someone on a strict ketogenic diet.

Gatorade Zero Might Make You Gain Weight.

Most of us associate weight gain with high-sugar and high-calorie beverages. However, this is not true. Many studies have been conducted that prove a significant relationship between weight gain and zero sugar beverages.

You might think that drinking Gatorade zero will not make you gain any weight, but there are many ways in which it could affect your keto diet. If you drink copious volumes of Gatorade Zero, your body will start to produce an increased amount of insulin. While insulin is essential for our bodies, too much of it can cause diabetes!

It Is Not A Healthy Drink To Consume Daily.

While you need to hydrate your body adequately every day, you cannot drink Gatorade Zero daily. It is advised that you stick to water for hydration and lay off this beverage unless it is absolutely required.

Gatorade Zero will affect your keto diet and make it difficult for you to see any substantial changes in your body. So, if you follow a lenient diet, you will be just fine drinking Gatorade Zero once in a while.

Are there Alternatives to Gatorade Zero?

If Gatorade Zero is clearly not your preference, you can try other alternatives available. These sports drinks all serve the same purpose of hydrating your body by replenishing electrolytes.

  • Powerade Zero: Powerade Zero is an excellent substitute for Gatorade Zero. It has everything you would want in a sugar-free sports drink, along with vitamins B3, B6 & B12. This option is keto-friendly too!
  • Propel Fitness: Another keto-friendly sport drink you can try is Propel Fitness. It comes in a berry-flavored variant and has a simple composition. The beverage will effectively hydrate your body and only provide you with the nutrients you need.
  • LMNT Electrolyte: This is one of the highest-rated keto-friendly drink mixes you can find. It has the right amounts of electrolytes and hydrates your body instantly. You can find different flavors of this drink mix too!


Following a strict keto diet can be very tiring. However, it is crucial that you carefully read labels and understand the nutritional components of all the foods you eat.

So, ultimately speaking, Gatorade Zero is a keto-friendly beverage.

Although it is advised that you do not consume a lot of it if you are on a strict ketogenic diet. While it may seem like a safe beverage to consume, too much of anything is never healthy!


Does Gatorade Zero lead to weight gain?

Yes, studies show that drinking Gatorade Zero every day could lead to weight gain. This beverage may be healthier than most other high-sugar-containing sports drinks. However, it still contains calories and carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain.

Is Gatorade Zero absolutely sugar-free?

Yes, Gatorade Zero contains artificial flavoring to give it a sweet taste. However, there is no sugar in it. This sports drink is excellent for people who follow low-carb diets like a ketogenic diet. The artificial sweeteners in Gatorade Zero may contain some calories and even carbohydrates. So, while you are not consuming natural sugars, you will still be drinking calories.

Can you drink Gatorade Zero daily?

A. It is not advisable. Drinking Gatorade Zero every day is not healthy. While it may seem like you are simply hydrating your body with electrolytes, this beverage is not meant for daily consumption. Unless you do an intense workout every day where you sweat and need those instant electrolytes, you must not drink Gatorade Zero daily.

Is Diet Coke keto-friendly?

A. Yes, diet coke is considered to be keto-friendly. Compared to regular soda, it is a healthy beverage to drink if you are on a keto diet. However, diet coke can make you gain weight too. So, you must moderate your diet coke intake to maintain a healthy balance.

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