Cacao Butter: Why it is a top Keto fat and how to use it

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You probably know and use cacao butter as a lotion or body care product. But have you ever felt like consuming it as a part of your diet? 

Creamy cacao butter foods are a wonderful Keto source of healthy fats. The best part is that they are low-carb and sugar-free. They are also a great source of vitamin E. For the keto diet, cacao butter includes the right antioxidants, saturated fats, and anti-inflammatory substances—making it an amazing keto fat-bomb.

If you are looking to add cacao butter to your diet, then this blog will help you with everything you need to know about this ingredient. 

What is cacao butter?

Raw cacao butter is derived from cacao beans. These beans grow on the Theobroma cacao tree. Cacao beans are cold-processed to extract the oil before being ground into butter.

Interestingly, both cacao butter and chocolate cocoa are made from the same beans! 

Cacao butter is high in antioxidants and vital fatty acids. Here are some crucial dietary facts about cacao butter.



Daily Value

Total Fat



saturated fat



Polysaturated Fat



Monosaturated Fat



Calories from Fat

122 kcal


So, is cacao butter Keto?


It’s the greatest cheat, without the stress. 

In addition to being a low-carb food, each tablespoon of cacao butter also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Since these beneficial fats do not come with any carbohydrates or disguised sweets, cacao butter is ideal for a keto diet

By including this plant-based fat into your regular meal prep, you will also get some great health advantages. Keep reading to learn how to use the good food, to make the most of it in your diet. 

Health benefits of this superfood

There's a reason it's called butter! Cacao butter is completely composed of healthy fats. You will also be happy to note that it also has many of the same health advantages as dark chocolate.

Here are some benefits of cacao butter you need to lay your eyes on. 

Promotes overall heart wellness

A study found that those who consumed cacao on a regular basis had a decreased risk of dying prematurely and developing heart disease.

It was also shown that individuals who consumed more cacao butter (2.3g per day versus 0.36g) had a 50% lower risk of getting heart disease.

Lowers the risk of diabetes and stroke

In a 2017 study, researchers observed a 35% reduction in diabetes in males who consumed chocolate (with cacao butter) every week. Cacao butter also contains a lot of oleic acids, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

These are essential antioxidants, which not only enhance a healthy lifespan but also reduce the chance of a stroke.

Anti-inflammatory properties

A group of experts discovered phytonutrients with anti-oxidative properties while analyzing various papers on cocoa. These compounds found in this potent bean reduce inflammatory indicators in a few hours. 

Not all types have the same quantity of beneficial flavanols. If you need positive outcomes, find cacao butter in dark, white, and even milk chocolate products. 

Boosts metabolism rate

Cacao butter has been proven to help manage energy usage and metabolism while also enhancing feelings of fullness. According to research, eating 40g of cacao butter nearly every day will boost your metabolism. It will also enhance your gut flora—bettering digestion.

How to add cacao butter to a Keto diet

Get ready for something yummy and healthy! Any dish with cacao butter will satisfy your sweet appetite without filling you up with unneeded carbohydrates. This makes only makes a Keto diet cooler

Here are some great ways you can incorporate this superfood into your diet. 

Make homemade sweet treats

Improve your candy game by making some chocolate delights! Try this out with some Keto peanut butter cups.

Want some luscious, rich, and creamy treats devoid of hazardous flavor? Try delectable pecan pie fudge bombs. 

Melted cacao butter is probably the best for homemade sweets. Moreover, they're loaded with essential healthy fats without adding sugar or artificial chemicals to the mix. 

Make Keto chocolate bars

You'd be smarter creating your own handmade soulful Keto chocolate bars. Come on, who doesn't love a chocolate bar, especially if it's healthy?

Your handmade chocolate treats will be richer in antioxidants, healthy fats, and superfood components.

All this is intended to fulfill your sweet appetite while keeping you in ketosis.

Prepare cacao butter smoothies

Smoothie your way into those skinny jeans! You read that right. Cacao butter may be used in place of grass-fed butter in Keto smoothies and Keto coffee preparations. 

Did you know his low-carb snack just takes 5 minutes to create? You can now fulfil your sweet-shake cravings whenever you want.

Bake cakes and treats with cacao

It’s hard to keep away from cakes even when you’re on a diet. With cacao, you can Keto diet and enjoy cakes!

With cacao butter, it’s all fat, and when chilled, it's lovely and substantial. You may get the health advantages of this superfood by increasing your intake of this good fat in your low-carb lifestyle.

Cacao butter vs. Keto oils

MCTs are metabolized to ketones in the liver when you follow a ketogenic diet. So why need this? That’s because ketones may cross the blood-brain barrier. They can provide energy to your brain cells.

MCT oil is quickly absorbed by the body and distributed through it. Coconut oil and clarified oil (ghee) are ideal in this manner. 

The question is, how are they when on par with cacao butter. 

Cacao butter vs. Coconut oil

These two are technically buddies, but their use of them differ. 

Cacao butter is high in phytochemicals, which are considered to provide health advantages for the body. Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory effects, so it can help you feel better. 

Using both of these natural items together might help you get more overall advantages than if you only used one. However, we all know that cacao wins’ hearts because of its chocolate-like taste! 

Cacao butter vs. Clarified butter

Clarified butter is surely more tempting, but does it match up to cacao butter?

Clarified butter has less unsaturated fatty acid and more saturated fatty acid than cocoa butter. Cocoa butter's average carbon chain length is longer than cow's butter (ghee). It even includes more unsaturated fatty acids. 

Summing Up

Smooth Keto cacao butter dishes are a delicious way to get some healthy fat into your diet. Cacao butter has a subtle chocolate flavor that will tingle your taste receptors.

If you’re on a Keto diet already or are planning to get on one, cacao just makes it better! The benefits of cacao butter in Keto go beyond your weight loss program. 

Cacao butter in Keto is not a diet. It's a lifestyle revolution! 


What is the difference between cacao butter and cocoa butter?

Cacao butter is the cacao bean's pure, cold-pressed oil. Raw cacao butter is produced at a temperature of no more than 46 degrees Celsius, whereas cocoa butter may be heated during the pressing process.
Although raw cacao butter is more nutrient-rich, the two are completely interchangeable.

Is cacao butter approved for a ketogenic diet? 

Surprisingly, cacao may be consumed as part of a ketogenic diet. It's vital, however, to pick dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa solids, ideally higher.

Unsweetened chocolate (100 per cent cocoa) provides 3 grams of net carbohydrates per ounce (28 grams). Creamy cacao butter recipes are a fantastic source of good fats while also providing tasty low-carb, and sugar-free choices.

Does raw cacao contain carbs? 

Raw cacao goods that have been little treated have less or no added sugar and are richer in antioxidants than those heavily processed.

Raw cacao powder (2 tbsp.) has 9 grams of total carbohydrates, 5 grams of net carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, and 60 calories.

How to choose the best cacao butter for the Keto diet?

Choose raw cacao butter over heat-treated cocoa butter to reap the full advantages of its high-quality fats and chocolaty taste. Look for butter that smells fresh and chocolaty, not rotten.

Some chocolate-flavored goods don't include cacao butter at all, instead of substituting coconut or palm oils. To make sure you're getting the real stuff, read your product labels carefully.

Is cacao butter similar to regular butter?

A partly hydrogenated fat compound is characterized as a cocoa butter replacement. Traditional butter replacements are healthier than cocoa butter substitutes. This is as long as you use the appropriate one.

It is vegan and includes no dairy ingredients, despite the term "butter" in its name. Cocoa butter is a pale yellow solid that must be melted before it can be used in cooking.

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