Top 20 Keto Snacks You Can Buy On Amazon

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Have you recently switched to a keto diet and are looking for some yummy treats? Well, count us in too. After being stuck about what to order and if it is really 'carb-free,' we have compiled a great list just for all you keto enthusiasts.

The best part about such snacks is that they are best suited for people who travel a lot. As these snacks are pre-packaged and easily fit into our luggage and bags.

Plus, they are fantastic treats to be kept around in and around your office or home, just in case you need a keto-friendly snack to make your day.

We will look into the top 100 keto snacks that you can easily buy on Amazon through this article. We have also attached links to these yummy snacks so that you can easily navigate and find them on the website.

Our Top 20 Picks of Keto Snacks that are Available on Amazon

Moon Cheese

Moon cheese is one of the most cherished keto snacks of all time. They taste nice, along with having high fat and protein content. The carb content in these snacks is 1 or less than 1 carb per serving, which is excellent.

We strongly recommend going for Moon cheese instead of your regular high-carb chips. The most significant benefit of buying moon cheese keto snacks is that they have several flavors and can be carried smoothly from one place to another.

The Moon Cheese keto snacks have a mouth-watering crunch like never before.

Plus, it would be best if you never worried about those extra calories because you can quickly bulk up for workouts.

This is why you will often spot the Moon cheese snacks on office desks or in the car. Moreover, you will most likely get free prime shipping with Moon Cheese snacks.

Lily's Chocolate Bars

Lily's Chocolate bars are a great alternative to your regular chocolate bars. You can use them as the best treat whenever you have a crazy chocolate craving but don't have the space to bake the entire keto-friendly snack.

The carbs in these bars will be lesser than usual, but the quantity will fluctuate according to different bars. For instance, Lily's Creamy Milk Chocolate only has 3 net carbs in each serving.

The entire bar is made for 2 serving, which means you end up taking only 3 carbs. If you want to find out the net carbs in every bar, subtract the erythritol and fibre from the total carb count.

Lily's Chocolate bars come in a wide variety of coconut, blood orange, sea salt, Dark chocolate, Crispy rice, salted almond, and Milk flavors. They are entirely natural and have non-GO ingredients.

Plus, you also get 20% lesser calories and the cocoa included in the chocolates is fair trade certified.

Epic Pork Rinds

Are you on a keto-friendly diet and looking for something salty and crunchy? Well, in that case, Epic Pork Rinds is the best fit for you. They are an amazing alternative to regular tortilla chips and potato ones.

You can even use Epic Pork Rinds are the base for all keto-friendly beef nachos.

The top factor for their sale is the amazing flavors, over baled Himalayan Sea salt, and the chilli-lime flavors. With a good taste, great crunch, and a pretty nice size in the form of big chunks, make Epic Pork Rinds is a winner.

Duke's Smoked Sausages Keto Pack

Duke's smoked sausages are a big-time keto classic. People who have been on keto diets for a while would know how crazily yummy these sausages are. They are created from hormone and nitrate-free meats.

These sausages are very low in carbs; for instance, a single serving of a Duke's original has about 4 g of fat along with just one carb. In our opinion, Duke's smokes sausages are perfect for road trips and office snacks.

Like other fabulous keto snacks, Duke also has many flavors. Do check the back label of the packages before buying; the carb content may alter with the product. Flavors like the hatch, original, green chilly, and hot and spice are popular.


FatSnax is the one for you if you have a massive sweet tooth. These chocolate chip cookies are very soft, chewy, and home-baked. It is almost like your grandmother's recipe got stolen.

A benefit of purchasing FatSnax goods is that they always have natural ingredients, like butter, stevia, and almond flour. All the cookies are entirely sugar-free, and you can eat them with no guilt, as you just get 2g of net carbs, 8g to 9g of healthy fat, and 0 sugar.

You will get an array of packs in the series, by the name of Chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, Peanut butter, Lemony Lemon, Maple Pecan, and Pumpkin Spice.

Cello Whisps

Like Moon Cheese, Cello Whisps are a perfect keto snack made from yummy 100% artisanal cheese. You can even use these Cello Whisps in various recipes as well. They have often been used as an alternative to coating and bread crumbs.

Whisps have 1 or 2 net carbs in a serving according to different flavors. You can even take them as a keto-friendly cheese spread or for guacamole. The entire pack is gluten-free, sugar-free, and lactose-free.

On top of that, these Whisps have been packed with high content protein and calcium, almost like a glass of milk. The various flavors available are Nacho, Ranch, Cheddar, Cheese, and Parmesan crisps.

One main issue with these whisps is that you will have to finish the entire bag.

Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Macadamias nuts have been an excellent pick for keto snacks. They have pretty high-fat content and low carb value. This is in comparison with most of the other nuts in the market.

These nuts have a lot of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. In one 28 g of macadamia nuts, you will receive 16.7 g worth of these monounsaturated fats. The  Royal Hawaiian Orchards Macadamia nuts are packed conveniently and come in various flavors.

The most loved flavor is the wasabi and soy sauce flavor. If you take one 28 g serving of this particular flavor, along with the sea salt, you will only be ingesting 2 net carbs in a 28-g serving.

More so, you can also buy the Royal Hawaiian Macadamia nuts in snack-sized typical one-ounce packages. They can be taken to work or even for a day out in the sun at your comfort.

Smart Cake

Imagine eating a cake with just 38 calories. Isn't that the true dream? Now you have a smart cake with zero net carbs per cake.

While many people prefer having a keto baking session and making the desserts for themselves, it is also great to invest in some ready-to-eat keto snacks at the time. You can find many flavors on Amazon for this wonderful snack.

Our recommendation is the lemon and cinnamon flavors. Plus, they are gluten-free and sugar-free. You will get a total of 4 twin packs.

Gimme Organic Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks can either be a big-time hit or a miss, so you can only know once you try them properly. So, if you like it, you are bound to get obsessed.

The Gimme Organic Seaweed salty keto snacks are usually packed with iodine and have very few calories and carbs. The flavors available are sesame, Teriyaki, and sea salt. It has a total of 12 pack variety.

These keto snacks have 25 calories, 1 carb, 1 g of fiber, 1 g of protein, and 2 g of fat. In total, this equals zero net carbs in every serving.

Keto Brownie Blondie

When you cannot bake a keto snack or dessert, Ketobrownie blondie is the ready-made option to choose. This savory and sweet snack is readily available on Amazon in two varied flavors.

The flavors are blondie brownie and almond brownie. Both of them are incredibly tasty. The pros of buying Keto Brownie Blondie are convenient and super easy on the stomach.

Plus, all those days when you don't have time to make these snacks for yourself, keto brownie is a saviour.

On average, the chocolate almond brownie has around 200 calories, 21 total carbs, 4 net carbs, 10 g of protein, along 13 g of fat. On the other hand, a blondie brownie has 220 calories, 19 total carbs, 16 g of fats, 3 net carbs, and 9 g of protein.

Old Wisconsin's Turkey Sausage

Are you on a keto diet? But want are looking for the best protein-packed snack. Well, Old Wisconsin's Turkey Sausage is your perfect fit in that case.

Of course, they are extremely low on carbohydrate contents, about 1 gm per serving. Along with low carb, they are low sugar, with 1 g of the same on each serving. They are also gluten-free and have absolutely no preservatives.

The pack contains one 28 oz resaleable set of turkey sausage snack sticks. They can be used as an alternative to dried meat snacks and turkey jerky. Old Wisconsin's Turkey Sausage is handcrafted with very premium meat cuts and has no binders, fillers, or extenders.

It has no MSG and is the best set of convenience and flavors for all men, women, and kids.

Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry Toaster Pastries

People who love pop-tarts will surely love Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry Toaster Pastries. They are easily available in flavors such as Hot fudge Sundae, Strawberry, Brown sugar cinnamon and many more.

In general, these pastries are known for their protein snack game. They have about 20 g of pure protein and just a meager 5 g net carbs.

The Strawberry pastry has about 9 g of protein, 4 g of net carbs in a pastry, and less than 1 g of sugar in the mix. It is the best guilt-free snack ever.

Plus, their new pastries are thicker than ever, and you can enjoy them just out of the wrapper or warm them in the microwave. On top of that, Legendary has been an industry expert when it comes to the quality of ingredients and materials used.

They use micellar casein, collagen peptides, protein isolate, and fiber to build these gluten-free snacks from scratch.

Wild Planet Sardines

Sardines are an excellent fit for looking for a great keto snack. They are moving towards becoming a loved ketogenic snack for all you guys.

You can eat egg, oysters, broccoli along with the sardines for your keto-friendly breakfast. You can even use Sardines as a trip food since they are easy to carry, find, store, and highly keto-centric.

They always come in pretty handy when you are in a pinch. Especially when you just started being on a ketogenic diet. And whenever you want to have something to stave off your hunger.

It is preferred to take sardines with olive oil since they give you extra fats and taste way better this way.

Hilo Life Ranch Tortilla Style Chips

Are you a crazy fan of Doritos? But on a keto diet, then Hilo Life Ranch Tortilla Style Chips are the best duper ever. On average, every bag has 3 g of net carbs and 9 g of protein.

The flavors available are Jalapeno, Piece-a-pizza, Super cheesy, Really Ranchy, Almon lover Variety pack, and many more.

You get 2 different pouches of Hilo life super cheesy Crispy cheddar Cheese and Almonds, two individual pouches of Hilo Life Really Ranchy Cripsy Gouda Cheese and Pecans. You can also go for two separate bag of Hilo Life Piece-a-pizza Crispy Mozarella Cheese and Walnuts.

Nature's Garden Probiotic Keto Variety Snack Packs

Nature's Garden Probiotic Keto Snack Packs gives you the best of both worlds if you are stuck between whether you want a savory or sweet snack.

The Probiotic Keto Snack Mix is the typical savory. It has Cheddar cheese puffs, pepitas, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts.

If you want a sweeter snack, then go for Probiotic Coconut Keto Mix, which has almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, roasted coconut chips, along with some yummy dark chocolate.

Nature's Garden promises you Omega-3 deluxe, cranberry health mixes, heart-healthy foods. So, you are assured of not having to stress over trans fats, gluten, sodium, or cholesterol content in your food.

Criminelli Original Salami Mini Snacks

People are now obsessing over delicious keto meat snacks. And what is better than Creminelli Original Salami Mini Snacks. The best part is that you don't have to go with jerky.

These Salami mini snacks are produced from 100% humanely-raised pork from the farms in the states. One serving of these Mini snacks has 8 g of proteins, 0 g of carbs, and 0 g of sugar.

Many flavors are available, such as Finocchio, Piccante, Casalingo, Whiskey, Barolo, Wild Boar, Sopressata, and Tartufo. Ingredients include natural flavors, Pork, sea salt, organic spices, sugar, organic garlic, starter cultures in collagen casting.

All the salami meats are made by hand under Cristiano Creminellim, the master artisan. They have specific meat choices from certain breeds, are raised on family farms, and are fed with authentic white grains.

You can also talk to the customer service team if you have any issues or complaints.

Kiss My Keto Fish Friends

These are the best gummy candies for the Keto diet. They are pretty similar to Swedish fish but have berry flavors and are entirely keto-friendly.

One serving of the Kiss My Keto Candy Fish Friends has 1 g of sugar, 2 g net carbs, and 80 calories in a 50 g bag pack. These snacks have been packed with energy-enhancing MCT oils.

The MCT oils are macronutrients necessary for maintaining energy on a rigorous keto diet.

Moreover, these fish snacks are wholly Vegan friendly and plant-based. It is 100% gelatin-free and has been prepared with Pectin, a plant-based alternative with a pretty unbeatable chew.

To avoid discomfort, you should limit the consumption to just one bag or 50 g in a day.

Chick N' Skin Fried Chicken Skins

It would be a great and healthy experience if you tried the keto-friendly Chick N' Skin Fried Chicken skins instead of regular pork rinds. These chicken skins have varied tastes such as BBQ Bacon, Chili Lime, Salt & vinegar, Salt & pepper, Buffalo wing, and the original one.

The carb content will vary between 0 to 4 g of net carbs according to different flavors. These snacks are crunchy, salty, and delicious; what else do you need. The USDA-certified ingredients- organic chicken, are tasty, fresh, and are delivered to be eaten.

You can buy our 2-ounce bag for your daily snacking activities. Also, they are a must-try for your backyard barbecues, camping trips, and late-night snacks. With your dipping sauce, these chicken skins are the best treat ever.

Good To Go Soft Baked Bars

These Good to go soft-baked bars consist of real strawberries clubbed with macadamia nuts. These baked bars have about 2 g of sugar and just 4 g of net carbs. Plus, they are only made of vegan raw materials and plant-based fats.

You get flavors such as Double Chocolate, Cocoa coconut, chocolate mint, Rasberry Lemon, Cinnamon Pecan, Vanilla Almond, and Strawberry Macadamia Nut. They go as per their name, are incredibly soft-baked, and easily breakable.

The citrus twist in the raspberry lemon flavor makes it a pretty nice treat for breakfast pr even as a post-workout treat and for those untimely hunger strikes. Finally, you have found a guilt-free, filling, and delicious snack.

Just the Cheese Bars

Just the Cheese bars are simple cheese bars manufactured in Wisconsin. You get a range of flavors such as Aged Cheddar, Grilled Cheese, and Jalapeno.

Additionally, there is just one g of carb per each. Just the cheese bars. These bars are high in protein and calcium. You also get a fantastic blow of flavor of Cheddar in every bite.

The only carb-containing ingredient in the entire bar is Cheese. So, you can enjoy a low-carb diet without giving up on the tasty stuff.

Other Great Keto Snacks on Amazon to Keep an Eye On

While these were our top 20 picks of keto snacks on Amazon, there are a bunch of other fabulous keto-friendly snacks that you must try.

We have listed some of them below:

  • Quest Nutrition Protein Chips: Looking for gluten-free, low carb protein chips, then Quest Nutrition is the brand to trust
  • Keto crave Bars: If you are on ketosis, these ketos crave bars have 5g net carbs along with 16 g fat and 8 g fiber.
  • Pegan thin Protein bars: You can curb your appetite in the best way with these protein boost bars with chocolate lava. They have organic seed protein, no added sugar, are gluten-free, and complete protein meals.
  • Atkins Endulge Peanut Butter Cups: Atkins Endluge has 160 calories sugar-free butter cups with only 2-g net carbs. They are indeed the perfect keto dessert.
  • Know Foods Protein Cookies: Know foods are very low in carbohydrate content, with just 4 carbs per cookie. They are primarily gluten-free and high in protein.
  • Vermont Smoke and Cure Mini Jerky Stick Go Pack: These keto snacks are paleo-friendly, low calorie, low carb, and very high protein content.
  • Carbolicious Low Carb Rum Balls: These rum balls are even better than the original ones. They are very high in fiber, are sugar-free, and gluten-free made with Almond meal.
  • Cinnamon Smart Cake: Cinnamon Smart Cake is a guilt-free keto dessert and best fits something sweet on keto diets. It is genuinely guilt-free.
  • Sahale Snacks Valdosta Pecans Glazed Mix: This mix involves dry-roasted pecans, orange zest, sweetened cranberries with a pinch of black pepper, all of it nourished by a savory glaze

Wrapping Up

Just when you thought keto snacks meant cooking by yourself and putting in those efforts, these snacks prove you wrong. With irresistible options available with the fast delivery and interactive consumer care of Amazon, you are bound to have a good time.

We have compiled this list with proper research and consumer reviews, so you can trust these results for sure.

A strong suggestion would be to look for additional sauces, jams, or dips, on Amazon to make these snacks even better to taste and even enjoy.

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